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Accounting, administrative tax, social security and corporate law management are part of our daily routine. We know these matters thoroughly and provide our customers with tailor-made services and advice, based on listening to and analysing the story of each and every client. Over the years, in the studio we have also specialized in consulting addressed to ‘transborder workers’ and seconded personnel, with particular reference to the airline sector and to Italy / Switzerland border workers. Based on the situations and needs, the services are different, tailor-made for each client.

Employees, retirees and families

  • preparation of the 730 form and tax returns in general
  • management and calculation of municipal property taxes (Imu, Tasi and Tari)
  • succession declarations
  • family asset assessment and settlement
  • property management (lease agreements, including agreements, free loans and shared expenses)
  • “patronato” (citizen’s advice) services
  • verification and settlement of social security positions (INPS and other social security institutions)
  • services for housekeepers and carers

Professionals, associated firms and self-employed workers

  • start-up practices, including registration with the relevant professional funds
  • accounting management, tax returns and management of pension fund obligations
  • advice on the conduct of business in an associated or corporate firm

Entrepreneurs and companies

  • accounting and administrative services, tax returns
  • management of the social security position of the owner, of the members and assistants
  • Suap and Chamber of Commerce practices
  • business consultancy, organization and planning
  • domiciliation of companies
  • business networks

Third sector organizations and sports associations

  • accounting and administrative services, tax returns
  • advice on the Statutes and for registration in specific registers (including Runts)
  • sending telematic practices
  • preparation of Eas form and requests of 5X1000

Cross-border personnel

  • tax and social security advice
  • income tax returns including RW part (foreign assets and investments)

Taxpayer protection

  • self-protection
  • management of tax investigations
  • management of tax disputes (tax litigation)
  • management of payment orders (collection agency)
calculator, calculation, insurance

Further services

  • Funding and tenders
  • Electronic invoicing

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